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Brandan Griffin



(it’s unconscious to make telepathy) in me looks at me)

(i’m what telepathic occurences say to each other in their


conscious leaves
on green yarn
yairn falls and floats up in


(plant’s called pothos) never flowers) almost never)
propagates from cuttings)


plant on table in front of books
blooks on
in twowo clusters of leaves gathering up

twu upclusters of leefeafing
turn faces
w their yellow streaks to me
next to me, to



(same as what it’s cut from) repeats) clones)

(cloning) yet it grows and different twists and its stems
tangle like nonce) nude shades)

(have to find new word for aware)

(meaning’s in text) aware as animals)


breign is
is two squirrels is squarrels
in skull bone

yarn stems
splittitting n strengthingening

plalalant eating scaling noting


(text makes clone from me) text has clone in it) me in
water) grows having life)

(any word has to misused if to make point) more’s alive)
life’s not right word) animal) misuse that one)


upfromdirt steemms
eels from dirt go up greenly swimming, stilly
stems eels up

leaves on their necks

head on yarn neck


(easy to see my own telepathy) write it down) make
cutting clip stem) ease in water)

(each place that’s a here is telepathy) locality) also living)

(endure is animal) response animal) take) touch)
innerness) is here) here) here)


eel swims up out
out of flitter
out of filter feeders
their motes
of food like stars in qwtrkghmv


(animal’s a bouquet of animals) assembled genetically)
being together) saying i here) wanting to survive)

(looks with field of vision that’s commons) that’s
collection of telepathies)

(am stalks gathering) kneels)

(to lower telepathies towards what i see)

(bunching of here) here) bunching of heres says i)


bookspines are white slat forest behind plant
in tall verticles facing away
flash spines
spyines on outerside
are faces, straight
are flashed planes

faces plant, faces windoawe,


(animal’s everywhere) now it’s word flapping in each
place) every here) is)

(am full of animals) look to smallest places and that’s
animals seeing) pebbles and soil) packed rooting together)

(animal aware) conscious) plant)


plant’s bigger than last looked,

just now loocking

holding plant under
in syinck
cold fauceting water eel lengthinning
through it
every two weeks


(animal replaces word for everything)

(between us)

(stalks under water)


plant grows two thckckcknesses of stems
over rim of pot

youplant in stalks,
reread at me brooking yarning forward
up severally
talk up and ribs spells a lettrwave


(text’s not me) but at edge) it’s me kneeling) with content
but not identical to it) peels through)

(text held under cold water pouring) stream through text)


clipt from main stem roots
into water vase
from phvase in cleer water to soil

plant is animeels crawling
up, over, very

eddies in the space you swim in
meek you
making you heare


(does plant read) does plant read text for it to work)
does text have plant in it reading it)

(text) textus) woven tissue of) physical tissue of)
meaning’s tissue of) telepathy’s tissue of)

(has skin) is skin) has skin)

(weaves bark)


plant on table
in frontof books scoops up with leaves

scoops the rair the air and an eel
in white wall
eel a long green flag
through books it flags forward in long grayeen

like filter
straining motes in sea sky
in soil
in caption in nutrienst, bemeanth

part of you you
hearfeelseenthesizing you as plant


(instead of text) a commons) then go past that) tele-

(a common limb) nerves i don’t live in) but i sense them)

(a limb) face) skin)

(a not me)

(an awake on other side)


plant clipping
into jar of
growwing, spreads out

a cutting, plant reruns through it
becomes twwo

skin comes betweneen

stems that waswere one
now tw, twowo, severall

stem’s now spbinding,

transparent streek on leaf


(text wakes animals that grow in me) telepathy because
not me) but i receive them)

(if i write text i give telepathy to myself) but i write it
anyone could have written it) could plant have)

(let’s have plant in here) says plant)


saw how this was waeaeaving
over to me
on it
like face of unconscious as typelathy

eel swims forward ahs face

flows over to me like sheet front
over me
from wheare it’s at a distance, stays

plant’s leaves up on yarn green and floating


(let plant in here being still)

(let no more water yet for plant) leaves stay with sun)

(out of soil let plant have stems) open spines like plant’s
leaves) with sun on them)

(in soil)

(under water)



BRANDAN GRIFFIN lives in Queens. His first book IMPASTORAL will be published by Omnidawn in 2022.

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