Shy Watson

spank me sideways

i lack interest in being appropriate
9 out of 10 wouldn’t screw
me in a corner where i like it
adorn me with a party hat
adorn me with a party whistle while i whisper to the man beside me “i want water.”
this isn’t my first nor my last so why should it matter where i stuff my coat or wipe myself
moment before saying anything this
moment where our eyes catch up on new data
the smell when you hug of new conditioner
she used to use garnier fructis but now it’s dove
in the bowl i wouldn’t touch it
i see the girl lying on the couch with the cup in her hand
how you always dream of houses, exhaustively
how i always dream of everything and wake up bored
in my room alone
under a mobile of origami crickets that my friend made
the first breath how it burns
the last tug how it repeats itself over and over
a VHS on loop “i want to be dismembered,”
she said, “i want each part of me in a different state.”
because how else can we exist everywhere at once?”
i want to be the air against your face when you’re near the ocean
i want to be the faint taste of sand the morning after
the pastel stucco with the palm tree shadow
you stop and take time to photograph

well, we’ll be here
wishing you well
and warning you where not to go at night


SHY WATSON is a 22 y/o woman currently studying at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She was raised in rural Missouri and has since lived in several U.S. cities. She interns for fields magazine, waitresses at a sports bar, and is addicted to Manic Panic hair dyes. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.