Stephen Ira



STEPHEN IRA is a writer and performer. He is the author of the chapbook Chasers (2022, New Michigan Press) and the zine This Zine Has Everything (Victor Mature Memorial Press, 2023). His poetry and prose have appeared in Poetry (Chicago), the American Poetry Review, DIAGRAM, Fence, the Paris Review, and the Poetry Project Newsletter.

Joel Dailey

for Milos

Even the dawn here is self-congratulatory
Tuesday the counter-insurgency begins
Here’s to the extinction of all ilks
Semiotics w/semi-automatics
Megadoners pet dog owners
Disambiguation of trees
Or is your brain ok?
Shiver me pundits
Multiple guest
Tripod Elvis
Par is 13


for Scoots

So the working life of a plastic bag is 15 minutes
We are stuck in the Autobiographical Phrase
@ the intersection of Formalism & pjs
The paparazzi face the wrong way
Is unprecedented or car dented
90% of the game is ½ mental
Willows weep cafeterias
The Mechanism yawns
So much to delete
All wires down


for Ludmila Novikov

Atomic Fireballs
Fossil fuel propulsion
The very air
Long shot predictions: 2032 will see a Rottweiler elected President
Viewless wings
Speaking of the drivel, tongue & groove
A mishandling of documents
Optical delusions
Weighing the options on a not-so-grand piano scale
The milliseconds left



For every entrance an EXIT
Yes to spontaneous eels
All joking aside we debunk the non-existent cushy
Formica calamity
The semi-annual Fraudster Surge
The extended butt call
Who knew in walking not to walk but to sometimes run
As every fact turns faucet
Bidirectional hair
The Deep State demands another tweet
Incomplete fraught
Control remoto headbanging robots break camp outside DC come dawn
Broadly speaking, amphibious



JOEL DAILEY divides his time between New Orleans and Toronto. His most recent book is New Details Emerge (New Books, 2023). From 1983 to 2021 he edited Fell Swoop: The All-Bohemian Revue, which has since morphed into SWOOPCARDS, a series of letterpress poetry postcards.