I. Tagvverk is a space for display and discussion that aspires to engage and enliven public discourse on text/literature.

II. The tagwerk was an archaic German unit of measurement for the amount of land that could be worked in a day. The word combines where space meets time meets work.

III. Production is a process, productivity a demonstration.

IV. Why call it a work if it is unproductive? What is an experiment without results: a performance? A retreat?

V. A lack of politics is bad politics.

VI. Tagvverk is interested in texts that deal not just with the present moment but the process of their own production, reviews/criticism that go beyond the work and into our current culture, texts as indices of the contemporary, as well as moments of cultural/textual dislocation.

Managing Editor:
Barrett White

Past Editors:
Xatherin Gonzalez
Steven Pérez
Miriam Karraker

Founding Editors:
Robert Meehan
Tyler Green

Cover Designs:
Xatherin Gonzalez