Sophie Jennis


As pleasurable as milk pouring out of the moan of a mouth
Sticking a knife into the center of an apple
A drop of blood falls down the side
The worm escapes





I drive until the fog covers my windshield
I keep driving after that

Seeps through the closed window
Creeps up the center of my neck like a snake
I keep going after that





I lay my socks down one by one outside of the shower as an offering
I bring the bird into the shower and let her sing
I cup the water in my hands and pour it over my head
It slides down my back like an oyster



SOPHIE JENNIS (b. 1996) is a curator and writer residing in the Hudson Valley. You can find more of her work at

Michael McKee Green

from Idaho


‘s first book of poems, Fugue Figure (the Kent State University Press), was selected by Khaled Mattawa as the winner of the 2017 Stan and Tom Wick Prize. A recipient of awards and grants from the Academy of American Poets and The Cabin Literary Center, Green is a 2018 artist in residence at the Boise Public Library at Bown Crossing.