Raphael Schnee


plz b careful
i am cared 4
or i am
full of care
“feels like a lot”

i ask 4 a list of items
in the trash


too many folders


reaching for care (will i reach?) i reach for care


i carve my body in2 paper
the paper says “I care”

my signature
idk the direction
as melody does specific turns
the point
i choreograph
all my gestures
practice w/ mirrors

i am motioning
certainty now
i am motioning
commitment now
i am motioning
my name now
i am motioning
care now

care looks like
my name
except one hand
is performing
& the other hand begins
a full two measures behind
it all looks very complicated
but really
it’s easier 2 comprehend
this way


collecting i am
collecting the action
the action


but setting this aside:


“speak selection reads
selected content”


“oh, there’s nothing there”


take care I take it I take care take care I take care take it take care I take it I take it take it I
take care take care take it


looking out
i c motion
& yet i am alone


collecting my organic computation the dead walking the dead pre-textual privatized mathematics
only moments ago i the flame is real?rn stretching out my savior so much so that the only
care i receive is in the form of a soundscape source material includes glassware anomalies detected in
human terms human terms like “process” “subject” more importantly “of” “her” “no” “ya”
a landscape broken


“you know the game” the game constructed augmented a trance “lost in the diction”


“too much” we might b lucky we r just 2 ppl
proudly laying out my full set “feelings ppl like 2 feel” &
or a very thirsty animal experiencing spillage “labor
intensive” possessing how does one possess sound?
light? the toll it takes 2 hold
longing “feelings ppl like 2 feel”
just like the lighting of the sky rn
clouds “hold” water the light
holds our


sure mayb or idk
mayb s/t less


no one thing
has ever
looked good
having 2 hold
in order
2 get a like back
& even then
isn’t there some
diff between
holding &
holding in?
the action”
“like 2 feel”
all 4 the
2 have an aura



i recognize that it was a body body the shape of the style


almost harming it i touch it


it can’t b held in the dark
the dark can b held
but w/ what?


the memory of previous light

or else what?

a trace

a map

a sign

a ruler

a code

a graph

a line

a sound [

some other data
that can inform the user
of a certain point’s
global position
must b collected
whether this is
thru the use of
mechanical engineering
or logic
or other means is at
the user’s discretion
tho it should b noted that
the data collected must b
stored in the proper
location (this location
can b a nonreal
point & may b impossible
2 locate using
the methods
previously mentioned)

once the location
of the stored location
is located the user
can easily access it &
apply this information
2 any context by merely
using the brain


RAPHAEL SCHNEE can be found in high definition in Brooklyn, NY. They’re a poet / artist & a student at Pratt institute. Other work by them has been featured in Alien Mouth.