Dusty Neu

below genola


drift draft shifting & windows i

breeze coldly empty myself a

thin strip of sand & swallows

lapping high forceful lengthen &

with boots on i empty myself a

strip of late morning with pacing

be a bee box then in a dream a

dozen shivering silverfish


self portrait with softly obscured

genitals & little birds a bag faced

lamb another face & one on an

ugly pumpkin out in the swamp a

wandering confectioner often

petting a verdigris skyward &

teetering slack jawed thankful for

horse dancers & little soldiers


a banker chews my rind & faints

in the heat of the meat market

giblets & such the snakes the

sidle up the cleavers & such

music of the cleavers & such like

clusters of keys do suck up the

air & lull the softer types & such to

sheep softly & cheek stroking


that even what’s more that even

saltier skin which coming from the

salt pit so staring so stripped so

close that at a cork that a torso

fold itself torquing hillward

saber-headed & holy like men in

the tar pit & tacky like cognac

candied pineapple & swords


dream team of the extremely

elderly make entrance laterally

on dreamy littorals most sweetly

lector dryly windborne lacteal

night for city folk for tremors in

the people place yokes level out

the people place yokes folks who

swim out & peck at one another


then them tenderly up the ridge

& all in them were i think you

streaming steam seeing someone

drew a duck on a keep my eyes off

a tender hunk of hairy chest

lovelier melons than field behind

the market where i do soak with

feel soak how to you think you


DUSTY NEU is a poet and translator born and raised in rural California with an MFA from Brown University. He co-translated Alessandro de Francesco’s Remote Vision from the Italian (Punctum Books) and his poetry has appeared in VOLT, Pear Noir!, and 3am. He lives and works in Rhode Island.