Carleen Tibbetts


free of memory and desire
the #1 choice for sleeping happy
what can be held
in the eye comfortably
fatal brightness
nostalgic keening
undone green



half-dressed threats
an argument at the ready
flesh plushed &
flowing back dead
any situation can be
perfectly explained
to human is to wander
in the psychotropics
of tender wonder



black is the new black
a grand plan’s adjacency
with randomness
death proposes life
as if you had permission
to begin with
psychic baggage
needs complicating
outfit-repeat syndrome
is totally OK



beauty as ritual as terror
the structure of breath
its echo in the body
pyro sumptuous
idealization of the face
the original language goes dark
such flowers of diction



code: more
the opacity of the
reassuring void
please reconfirm
the shame index
the trace of gesture
what the story leaves out
the word is flesh and yet
a treasure is not worth this



the gleaming place
the damp where
bodies come together
stupid with hormones
we all eat the same fruit
how will it salt you
suck out the hurt
paradise demands attention



a disease of more
a mystery collapse
a river of zeroes
an eye roll for desire
the unmyth of cutting
you out of you
you’re preapproved
ready set GOLD

CARLEEN TIBBETTS is the author of the chapbook to exosk(elle), the last sugar (Zoo Cake Press, 2015). Recent work appears or is forthcoming in The Journal Petra, H_NGM_N, Forklift Ohio, DREGINALD, La Vague, The Offending Adam, Reality Beach, Deluge, jubilat, and other journals.