Colleen Louise Barry

The Trophy Room

Does what the trophy means change if how the trophy looks does or does not change

How you do it is how you lose

When you lose does a piece fall off or attach

Losing is a historic

Winning is a trick but it works on pretty much everyone

Much more than kindness

I’m always very old or very young too



Look at my trophies

A hidden spatial metaphor

Humans describe you

An ideal audience

Between winning and losing there is nothing

Looking and eating are different actions

A reason to go

If you win I win

Losing, thinking winning was a kind of love

Actual moral issues

Looking away is how I know what’s mine

I just go around smiling

Any victory is violent

Give me an award for saying this

As Bruce says, Down here it’s just winners and losers

The point is I won and I felt nothing

We have to do what we can

A way into the mood of the lake

Are common qualities possible

I see you as dark blue

It’s not invisible but it’s p. hard

Moving like a hand lightly over a body

I know the work you’re in

Waiting on fun

I’ve arrived

I’m dragging everything with me

In debt

I can be gentle

I was moved just to try

My body?

Describing a shape with action

The order does not matter

When I lost my blood still worked

Afflicted with competition

If you win nothing you can still lose it all

Just look right at it

Winning is not enough

Losing is too much

If I let you win do I

Nobody has a healthy style

Am I alone

Is it a consequence

I don’t want you to ever lose

Can we restart the clock

Time out

An object resembles but doesn’t represent itself

Are individuals universal or particular

Loss never dies

True victory is never worth it

The subject of one’s fight is the symbol

Competition is a corruption of reality

I did my job O.K.

When I lose this body can I be free

Who cares

Do better

Move on


COLLEEN LOUISE BARRY is an artist and writer. She is currently based in Los Angeles where she works on sets and props. She runs the interdisciplinary project Mount Analogue. @colleenlouisebarry