Shira Dentz

Subterranean Fires


When We Carousel to the Rhythm of She-Bang

We muster courage for the good. Resentment gets
the upper lip, corseting flames.


Does a Cat Have Your Tongue this New Year’s?

A cab revolves like a gumdrop, fancy masks for a
dance of limbs dressed as confetti, what an


Look Back at a Skeleton Torso Frame for Dresses

Eyes on silver strips accentuating the hollowness
lit from within, in imitation of a body in hiding,
cousin to the wig.



SHIRA DENTZ is the author of five books including SISYPHUSINA (PANK, 2020), and two chapbooks. Her writing appears in many venues including Poetry, American Poetry Review, Cincinnati Review, Iowa Review, Gulf Coast, New American Writing, jubilat, Denver Quarterly, Academy of American Poets’ Poem-a-Day Series (, and NPR. Interviews with her about her writing appear in journals such as Rain Taxi, Ploughshares, and Kenyon Review. She’s a recipient of awards including an Academy of American Poets’ Prize, Poetry Society of America’s Lyric Poem Award, and Poetry Society of America’s Cecil Hemley Memorial Award. Currently, she is Special Features Editor at Tarpaulin Sky and lives in New York. More about her can be found at