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ALAN SONDHEIM is a new media artist, theorist and writer concerned with the phenomenology of the world and body. He has collaborated with motion capture and virtual environment labs. He has had residencies at Eyebeam and the Experimental Television Center, among other venues. Recent work examines virtual and real bodies in relation to mixed realities and codework; and with “states of mind” under extreme conditions.

Sondheim grew up in Kingston, Pennsylvania, in anthracite coal country subject to floods, strikes, and mines. His background was middle class. He attended Brown University, studied English, and releasing several experimental records, mostly through ESP-Disk’, still a leading producer of free music. His most recent release is Galut, 2023, both as CD and online, also through ESP.

In the late 60s, Sondheim moved to New York, where he edited and wrote a number of books, including Individuals: Post-Movement Art in America (Dutton). He moved into video and other tech around 1969, and was in the Paris and Whitney biennials.

He continues to work in video, text, and music/sound; since 1994, he has continued to produce a new online piece daily.

His most recent book is Broken Theory, available from Punctum as a hard copy or free pdf. His video work is mostly online on YouTube, and his writing and other work is indexed on his website.