Temp Editions from Tagvverk

Temp is a semifrequent, guest-curated micro-issue from Tagvverk. Each selected curator is given the opportunity to produce a collection of work from 3-6 other writers or artists, to be presented on the Tagvverk site. This presentation can take the form of a PDF chapbook, website, mixtape, email newsletter, or any other combination or experimental reinterpretation of a traditional ‘journal issue.’ Specifications, thematics, and categorizations, if any, are determined by the guest curator, who we give total creative freedom for their issue.

Tagvverk is currently accepting project proposals for future Temp Editions. Please send proposals or inquiries to the editors at tagvverk@gmail.com. Former contributors to Tagvverk are given special consideration in the selection process.


TE02: What got left in the future



Curated by Robert Balun

Bianca Abdi-Boragi
TR Brady
ELÆ [Lynne DeSilva-Johnson]

April 2020




Curated by Miriam Karraker
Web concept and construction by Theo Ellin Ballew

Annika Berry
Sophie Durbin
Mara Duvra
Jonathan Kaiser
Mary Lodu
Gunnar Tchida

September 2018

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