Drew Kalbach


HOW I FEEL about slanderous things
that fact that I’m a poet is the gift

redeemed two step verification
for promotional use only your poorly worded grift
track back monetary slack
second monday and everything is terrible
how to locate a provider
I’ll never be gremlin painting rich
$25 PCP open act I’m inserted mass-mailing
guaranteed money-maker


Fear not the machines of the future
unless fucked swarms of microbots eat your face
in slow-mo panning shots cinematic beauty
but you go dark no backups no uploads just grating pain then gone
realm of unquantifiable abstraction
soft and impractical and insufficiently new

like textual body practices specific to my avatar’s identity
three very wooden pieces of pottery
I had a good birthday but please hire me

conspiracy theory had failed to produce


Love love will tear us apart again
better them than me
Marcus needed a little adventure in his life
in mine more overly produced horn sections
heavy boom of 80s background smash
PA CYBER supports xpn my family customizes my curriculum
I shun them for it
my learning opportunities reduced
in frenchie wine and heavy german sauce
Eddie snows and grabs a name


DREW KALBACH is from Philadelphia. He is the author of Spooky Plan (Gobbet 2014). Read more of his stuff at www.drewkalbach.com.